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Talking about customizations means using the options within the init method settings to change the layout to meet your needs.

It's possible to choose which components and functionalities to disable or enable, screen measurements, languages, and others. In addition to the component customizations, it is also possible to customize some CSS style options.

In the following topics, we will demonstrate with examples how to use these init method settings options and what is the final result of each one.


The application is initialized expecting a defatult CSS file. The name and the path of this defatul CSS file must be informed in the init method settings, as shown in the example below. The CSS defatul file is available to download here, it must be chosen according to the version.

By using the default CSS file the application will start with a default layout ready to be used.

    var settings = {        ...         cssFile: "wizeup.css", //File name in the root dir        ...    };

Customization CSS#

Even using the default CSS, it is possible to customize some pieces of styling by using custom CSS Properties in your HTML style section or CSS file.

For more details visit the CSS customization section with more details.


The UI components are responsive out of the box. The UI should scale and adjust based on the size of the window you provide.