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There are a number of components working together in the SDK. This section describes these and their behaviours in detail.


Each component has a name. This value can be used in the disable array of the settings to disable that component. Some components reside within other components. In many cases, though not all, it's also possible to disable the "inner components".

Integration level#

Curriculum structure#

All our curriculums are organised in a hierarchical order and follow the structure of curriculum guidelines and learning objectives. For example, the Cambridge International curriculum has five levels: grade, subject, unit, topic and query. Each curriculum in the system is defined by a structure which is an ordered sequence of layers. Different curricula might have different structures. For instance a curriculum might have grades (or not) or another curriculum might have just units without subjects.

Reverse proxy

Integration levels and SDK components#

Depending on the available levels in a curriculum, you can choose at which level you want to integrate. You can integrate only at levels available in a curriculum that you are using.

The table below provides an overview of all potential integration levels together with corresponding SDK components. For example, if you choose to integrate at the query level you would use the Query results component.

Curriculum-Gives access to the complete curriculum content: all grades, subjects, units, topics and queries.
GradeSubject cardGives access to all subjects, units, topics and queries for a given grade.
SubjectTopic card listGives access to all units, topics and queries for a given subject.
UnitTopic card listGives access to all topics and queries for a given unit.
TopicTopic cardGives access to all queries for a given topic.
QueryQuery resultsGives access to the curated set of resources for a given query.

Only child levels of the integration level are available. It means that users will not have access to the higher levels. For example, if the integration is at the Subject level, students will have no access to other subjects or grades.